For Wellness, You Need Healthy Habits


Doctors have found that weight loss will help the heart.  Obesity can lead to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even some types of cancer.

​Shaklee developed Shaklee 180 after years of research, and introduced the world’s FIRST weight management program that helps you lose the FAT but not the muscle.

In laboratory studies, the average weight lost was 15.4 lbs. in 90 days WITHOUT muscle loss. So YOU LOSE THE INCHES AND THE FAT BUT NOT THE MUSCLE. And your metabolism doesn’t take a hit, which helps you break the yo-yo diet cycle.

Shaklee 180 also helps you FEEL FULL, INCREASES YOUR ENERGY and includes daily vitamin supplements!

YOUR WEIGHT is a matter of life and death! 1 out of 2 obese people will die prematurely due to complications associated with their weight.
Shaklee 180 is all natural, gluten and lactose free; no GMO, preservatives, artificial colorings or sweeteners; Shaklee does not animal testing.
Watch the short video about Laura's success story and how much better he feels and looks since she has been taking the Shaklee 180.  Congratulations, Laura.

I lost weight since the first of the year and still maintain my weight goal.  Feeling great!  Thank you Shaklee180.
This program works.  There are no easy answers to weight loss.  It begins with a mind set that you can do it and
the other thing is think of food as your friend and not your enemy. Remain positive in all you do!  Harriet