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VIVIX is our featured product this month. First of all, have you been hearing more about Telomeres in TV commercials? The special Telomere test for $89 to see how long your telomeres are.

First of all, what is a telomere? Telomeres are the protective structures located at the tips of our chromosomes. The Telomere test is intended to reveal a person’s biological age, the age a person shares with most people of similar physiology.

Most chromosomes have telomeres that normally shorten as a person gets older. By analyzing telomere length, individuals may gain insights into their health, lifespan and susceptibility to diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Good news: Shaklee scientists developed VIVIX, backed by 5 patents, a scientific breakthrough designed to help protect and repair DNA.

In a preliminary clinical study, Shaklee users who took VIVIX had a 40% lower rate of telomere shortening across the adult age range compared to a healthy control group. Telomeres are protective caps of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes. A statistical analysis based on the preliminary clinical study projects that an 80 year old Shaklee user would have the same telomere length as a 41 year old non-user.

The solution to retaining and having longer telomeres is use VIVIX, liquid or capsule. Stay healthy, my friends! E-catalog that goes into more detail about VIVIX and Telomeres. Send us your contact information.

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